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      The world according to Luke: "I was born and I was a baby. Then I was two, then three and a kid. Now I'll be 4 and I'll be a big kid." That about sums it up!

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      he asked "what is that?" I said "it's a sandtray", he answered " where's the sand, I see rice, don't you mean ricetray?"

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      Lucien (6 years): The boys down the street were telling me to use my finger tips to dribble instead of my palm
      Me: Probably good advice
      Lucien: you use your feet in basketball, right?
      Me: No. That’s soccer.
      Lucien: um, Mom…You use your feet to RUN and JUMP; That’s part of the game, a big part! [sad look of disappointment]

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      Lucien(6 years) [playing chef]: Would you like the special?
      Me:What’s the special?
      Lucien:It’s frog legs, but they’re kind of slimy
      Me: Are they cooked? Because cooked frogs legs kind of taste like chicken.
      Lucien:Yeah well if you want it to taste with flavor you have a raw one!

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      Lucien (6 years): Mom are we going straight home after this?
      Me: Well, we have to stop to get gas, we’re almost out.
      Lucien: You better not leave the car running when we go inside, or we’ll have to get gas with our feet!
      Me: [laughing]
      Lucien: Why are you laughing? You won’t be laughing when we have to walk to get gas!

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      Lucien (2 1/2): [after his blanket got wet] Mom, I really, really, really like my green blankie
      Me: Don’t worry, I will wash it up, and it will be just fine
      Lucien [big smile, then look of grave concern] Mom, but don’t put my blankie in the lint machine!

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      Me: Lucien, it’s time to wake up
      Lucien (6 years): I’m trying to get up, but each time I open my eyes, they just close themselves again

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      Lucien (3 years): "Mom, Do stomach bugs sting you right in the stomach? Is that why you get sick?"

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      Lucien (4 years): Mom, will you play with my smurfs with me?
      Me: Yes, but I’d rather play shoots & ladders or Monopoly or cards
      Lucien: Why?
      Me: Well, I just don’t love playing pretend
      Lucien: Um, Mom, it’s not pretend. It’s real. See, it’s right in front of you. Right on the table!

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      Lucien (3 1/2): want to play a game? You can be the captain. But the captain, isn’t the boss!
      Me: Oh? On a ship the Captain IS the boss.
      Lucien: Well, we aren’t playing “ship”, we are playing “the captain’s not the boss” Do you still want to be the Captain?

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